Friday, March 24, 2006

lsdj !!!

After listening to Seb's "crappy riff" I decided to create some crappiness myself.

After 4 hours of learning lsdj and experimenting with many of its features, this is what I came up with... just think of a fleshy skull with a chunk of it's side caved in to a hollow inside with a puddle of green and purple ooze dripping out... well honestly I dont think this really fits the picture of the song, but it's what I happened to be thinking about at the time.

Download "Brain Leak" (784k)

It was created with the demo version of lsdj through the PC emulator VisualBoyAdvance

The tutorial I used for this piece was
GameBoy Music Workshop: LSDJ by nullsleep.
Although written for an earlier version of lsdj, it does provide an easy to follow tutorial for the beginners.

Another set of tutorials that also look good can be found here

Thanks goes to Seb/Milkcrate for kindly offering the hostage.


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